Referees for Peterborough and Cardiff Matches Announced.

16/10/2012 16:19

The referees for the next two matches have been announced. For Saturdays game agasint Peterborough, County Durham Referee Geoff Eltringham will be the man in the middle. He has officiated 9 games this season handing out 17 yellow cards and 1 red. For Tuesday nights game against Cardiff, Cheshire referee Mark Heywood will be in charge. This will be his first match in the championship this season. He has been in charge of 6 matches this season handing out 15 yellow cards and 0 red. See below for the full appointments.


Watford V Peterborough

Referee - Geoff Eltringham

Linesman - Dean Treleaven + Dan Robathan

Fourth Official - John Busby


Cardiff V Watford


Referee - Mark Heywood

Linesman - Andrew Bennet + Mark Russell

Fourth Official - Simon Knapp