Support Needed For Fellow Watford Fan's Petition.

22/06/2015 14:41

Help fellow Watford fan James Barker (@Desmond58) with his growing petition to stop the controversial issue of diving in football.


The act of diving has caused much debate in football, with it becoming more common in the game, and Hornets fan James Barker, who has followed the Golden Boys since the 1960’s, has seen enough, starting a petition in order to put a stop to this issue.


His petition has already gone to the FA, and the target is now to send it to FIFA, with 1000 signatures being targeted at the present moment.


When asked about his petition, Barker said: “I started this petition after Wes Hoolahan’s dive gave Norwich the win over Watford in February, but have got more and more fed up with the amount of diving in football generally, so decided to do something about it.  The petition has gone to The FA already, and their reply is included on the site for the petition, but the next step is to take it to FIFA.  The FA are discussing with FIFA the inclusion of diving in the scope for ‘retrospective action’, but public support for this will help. 


“I am looking for 1,000 signatures to send to FIFA, and have 354 at the moment, so any support that anyone can give will be appreciated”


Find below the link to James’ petition -


Good luck with your campaign James!